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Founded in 2012, Illuminati Tattoo Co. emerged with a vision to elevate the art of tattooing and body modification.

Over the years, we have garnered a distinguished reputation not only for our artistic talent but also for our steadfast commitment to quality and professionalism. Our establishment has thrived as a retreat for those seeking exemplary artistry.

Our Goal

As we continue to pioneer in the arena of body art, our objective is clear: to cultivate new relationships while showcasing the diverse range of our artistic endeavors.

Accredited and award-winning, our team approaches their craft with an eye for detail and an uncompromising standard for hygiene. Their dedication has merited us multiple awards and all requisite licenses from the Nevada South District.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Environment

In our ambiance, old-school charm goes hand in hand with contemporary flair. Our studio offers a congenial, family-like atmosphere that makes everyone feel instantly at home.

  • Quality and Professionalism

Our skilled artists bring with them a wealth of expertise. Offering services in tattooing, body piercing, body art, and permanent makeup, we ensure precision in every stroke.

  • Value

While our focus remains on delivering first-rate artwork, we pride ourselves on our transparent and fair pricing structure.

Visit Us

We welcome walk-ins and the simply curious folks. Our knowledgeable staff are available to answer your queries at any time, whether related to transforming an idea into art or observing the exciting artistry.

Illuminate your life with novelty from Illuminati Tattoo Co.—Las Vegas’ premier studio for extraordinary body art.